Friday, January 3, 2014

Optimism and despair

Lifetime, sometime by problems, difficult situations, tests and obstacles.
So, life is a set of challenges, decisions, which will inevitably take you to new challenges and decisions.

The main decision in your life should be: optimism or despair. Behold the crossroads, your Crossroads: deciding defeat or be defeated, decide to fight or throwing in the towel, decide to move or stop you, encourage you to continue, or simply give up.

Optimism, goes hand in hand with hope, is the only star that shines in the dark night, is to see the "you can be," in a sea of "can't".

Optimism is seeing the Sun through grey clouds. It is bet to win in life, with the certainty that you win.
But you do not confuse you, optimism is not live vain dreams and fantasy, without recognizing or remembering the reality of life.

Optimism is to realize that we live in a world that is not always easy, but see reality as something that changes, modifies and improves. Optimism is not waiting for things to be resolved by magic, does not mean living illusions forgetting your now, by contrast, is to accept your present, with the good and bad that has, but resign yourself, with a Flash of opportunity and great expectations. It is not to sit idly, is to give all of you, to grow, to change, and thus finally be happy.

Despair on the other hand, is to see life without any motivation, is to let things happen without strive to change its course, is satisfied with the present time, whatever.

Despair is to forget that there is a magic, that joy, that opportunities exist.
Despair is to limit yourself to wake up and breathe, and forget to live.

Hopelessness is to accept life as it comes, without incentives and illusions, is to forget the inspiration that sets fire to life, is turning off the spark that allows you to give light and color to each day.

Despair pushes you into a corner without output, is simply to stop you at the crossroads and go back to not decide. With hopelessness you forget dreams, you forget everything, you don't see the opportunities, or doors that open.

At the crossroads of your life, hopelessness and optimism are your two paths to choose, there is no middle, you think or you conform, fights or you give up, you stop or progresses, you feel or you suffer, you choose to view the Sun or keep you in the dark, you choose change or resignation, you choose colors or gray...
Optimism or despair, behold your choice.

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