Friday, January 3, 2014

The fear

Many times in life, we have felt fear, fear of risk, decisions, what we don't know, uncertainty. Fear of failure, to the opinions, in the judgement of the people.
Afraid to open our heart, afraid to stay alone, and for those who have a relationship, fear of abandonment.

Many times fear dominates our actions:
Risks and failure, fear keeps us cautious, but it prevents us from finding and trying new things.
Fear the judgment of people prevents you show yourself as you are.
If we are afraid to open our hearts, nor enter the one person that can fill it.

Fear is the anchor which keeps the boat in safe harbor, but never let him split.

Fear is the Moors that we put our dreams and not allowed to fly.

When you feel fear, you cut your chances grow to believe, trust, improve.

When you feel fear, you paralyze your life and your path to overcoming.

You can be afraid, but this must not dominate you. Take a chance, take decisions, open your heart, follow your dreams, and that fear not prevented you.

There are fears that not affect your way of being or acting, for example, I'll never a roller coaster, I never throw in parachute, but that does not define who I am.
Every day, I go for my dreams, I defend my beliefs, I choose my path, and that, not removed me the fear.

That fear do not remove you your possibilities and your dreams. Loose the hawsers and flies!

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